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embellishing, Malta


(or Dajana) is a member in Malta . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,303 days).
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  • Distance sent: 213,850 miles
  • Last seen: 5 months ago
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  • Languages: Polish, English, Russian, French
  • Birthday: 14th July 1993 (24 years old)
  • Interested in direct swaps: Yes Click to learn more about direct swaps
  • 31st on most postcards sent from Malta
  • 36th on longest distance sent from Malta
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Lat: 35.89, Lon: 14.48 | Google Maps

About Dajana...

Hi! I am 18 years old cheerful girl who always takes an oportunity to travel if it is possible. :)Im come from Poland, but now I live in Yerevan, Armenia where I'm working with children as volunteer. :)

If you want to do DIRECT SWAP I can do it with pleasure, but I require some things:

1. Send request ONLY to my E-MAIL!!!! - it helps me with coordinating all swaps.
In title use "SWAP and name of your country and your name".


2.PLEASE send postcard without envelop,
3.Use few real stamps
4. Write some information about you and for what you like your country (it is very important for me). :)

ONE MORE THING: If you are from
*Europe,USA - I can sand you 1 postcard for two postcards from you.
(I have so many requests)

I will buy soon some postcards from Armenia and I will add some photos, so you will can choose which you want.

My hometown (in Poland) is very small and people don't know much about other countries. Because of it my dream is to make in my village display with postcards from all over the world. I hope not only children but also adults will learn a lot from that.
So please send me postcard which shows something interesting of your city or country. Something which will make people courious of your area. :))



-UNESCO - I like it the most!
-a view of the place where you live or neighborhood of it,
-"city by night"
-"bird-eye" views,
-scenery of your city/country with hot-air baloons,
-aurora borealis
-castels from your country
-architecture, buildings
-landscape of your country

POSTCROSSERS FROM USA : I love postcards with Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Teton and other National Parks. :) I also like postcards which represents some state. :) I wish I collect all of states! :)

POSTCROSSERS FROM NETHERLANDS : Your mills are welcome! :)

It doesn't matter if it is single view or multi. I only wish to receive nice, aesthetic postcards without envelop if it is possible .


I don't enjoy BLACK and WHITE postcards, handmade, self-printed, advertisement or free. I also don't like plants or animals unless it is typical for your country.

*What you can write?

You can write to me everything, but of course I also have some wishes.
Firstly, please on the back write why you like or don't like your country/ city. :)
Secondly, tell me in what pleace want you to travel.

It would be also nice if you could write something about you and your experience of living in place from postcard - it is really interesting!
I like music, too, so it would be nice if you could recommend me a song by singer from your country! :))