elsiewent, South Africa

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About Elsie...

Good day

I live in Sunny South-Africa. Am a keen philatelist, will appreciate postcards from all over the world. Thanking you in advance. Do enjoy photography and the beauty of nature. Travel is a well loved pastime and sometimes my husband and I will decide to drive in the morning in a direction ~ mostly on dirt roads. This way we have seen a huge part of our area and neighbouring countries during our short trips and holidays.

My husband and I have recently retired and are enjoying the peace after years of chaos. We also volunteer at the local shelter and I have just started an office job there. VERY flexible hours keeping admin up to date.

If you are interested, see our Facebook page: SPCA Louis Trichardt. I am responsible for the “Feline Friday” posts on a weekly basis after taking photos of all kittens. I also do all the adoptions posts. I enjoy making them look pretty.
We have four dogs, two saved at just over a week old, one sister’s eyes have not even opened. Mom was run over and they needed homes. During the day my househelp gave bottle, evenings my husband and I took over. Today they are two healthy 7 year olds Jack Russel girls. In between we adopted an Africanis breed. (Please Google breed). In the old days we used to call them “straatbrakke”, can roughly be translated as - dogs fending for themselves on the street without owners. Today they are a registered breed. Not that any of our dogs are pure bred. We like the “brakke” The Africanis is golden brown and she knows she is the most beautiful 5 year old girl. The latest adoption is a little 4 year old Dachshund girl who was brought in as a stray at the society where I work and nobody claimed, so she came to live with us. All are treated like family members.

I will appreciate any card you might like, even the dull or everyday card. Ad cards too, as long as you stick on a stamp and tell me something interesting, I will appreciate it.

Please tell me your most favourite saying, phrase or something you read or heard that you thought were very true and will make you happy if you share it with somebody. My most recent favorite is: Focus on the good and the good will become more intense.

Here we become letterbox friends with exotic persons from remote places and the only thing you need is a card, ink and a stamp (will appreciate it if you can add a few low denomination stamps too) looking forward to images I haven’t seen before.

Tell me your name and what the temperature is plus date please.

Kind regards and may your days be blessed ~ stay safe!


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