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About Elke...

Hello you all,
good to have you here at Postcrossing platform.

I am a widow and a retired engineer of applied science in physical technology and are still very interested in science and technology.
My hobbies are gardening, cooking, knitting and walking the dog and myself.
Well, and I am reading a lot of future literature and having fun with science fiction.

All postcards with kind content and information about yourself, your place and intentions are welcome. I am looking forward to receive your card.

At the moment I have only one expired card:
DE-7878723 lisakimberley Netherlands 19/Jan/2019 (expired) 76 days

This account has been suspended by postcrossing
DE-7754477 yuan_yen Indonesia 7/Dec/2018 (expired) 108 days ()

When there is one, that has expired, I will send an email and another postcard. The most difficult one took me 195 days and 5 postcards to one and the same receiver.


Für alle, die gerne deutsch kommunizieren möchten: Lasst es mich einfach wissen.

Last update March, 25th 2019

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