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About elisud...

Hello, postcrossers!

I have lived in a few countries in my life, and love to discover new cultures, landscapes, languages!

Right now, I am living in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, which is a small French archipelago located only 25km from Canada. That being said, I would like to point out that mail kind of takes its time to reach my little island, so don't worry if you sent me a postcard and it seems to take some time for me to put it as "received" on the website. It's just that it can easily take a month to arrive here!

What I love:

🐦Birds. They are my favorite animals.
🕴️ Johnny Cash. He is my idol.
📚 Books. My favorite hobby is reading. I can't enter a library without wanting to buy many books. I have never enough of them and I've been spending most of my life my head in a book.
⚡ Harry Potter. I am not ashamed to say that I am a true Potterhead.
🎮 Video games. Dead by Daylight & Stardew Valley are my faves!
📺 TV shows. I enjoy to Netflix&chill and my favorite TV show is Friends.
🌲Nature. Wild animals, flowers, landscapes... I think nature is filled with wonders and I am fascinated by it.
🎨 Arts and crafts. I knit. I can admire paintings and drawings for hours.
⚕️ Medicine. I am fascinated aout the medical field and how the body works!
🎵 Music. My favorite genres are folk, indie and country music, but I also enjoy blues, pop, rock, Irish...
☕ Tea. What's your favorite?
📜 Your culture. Your traditions. Your history. I love to learn about others' culture, langage, beliefs. I am also very interested in Egyptian mythology.
🗝️ Old-fashioned things. I think they are precious. They are what we build on and they constitute our stories.
💖Everything which is cute, lovable, funny, always brings a smile on my face.

Most importantly, feel free to send me any card you particularly like, it's already great to receive something from another part of the world! I wouldn't mind at all if you put it in an enveloppe. And I am collecting stamps too, so if you have some you'd like to share, you would make my day!

Enjoy your day and happy postcrossing!


Expired postcards: PM-695 and PM-744 to China.
PM-789 to Belgium.
PM-810 to Canada.
PM-995 to Germany.

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