eliesjespuij, Netherlands

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  • icon 23rd July 1992
    (31 years old)

About Elisa...

My name is Elisa and I’m 31 years old. I live with my boyfriend Peter and our cute cats in a lovely little town.

The first thing I want to tell you guys is that I'm a very positive thinking person. I always say; it's only a problem, when you make it a problem. I expect nothing, so I won't get disappointment. I stay away from negative people and surround myself with people who are nice to eachother. I can honestly say that I like who I am, selflove is all that matters! <3

I am a person who is passionate about dance. In the past I took ballet lessons and for a few years I did hip hop dance. And I love all different kind of music styles. From rock, top 40 (music of today), jazz to classical music.

I’m a real movie addict. My favorite genre is horror. But I also love a good romantic movie or some based on real events. One of my favorite movies are; Scream, Jurassic Park, Se7en, A time to kill, Back to the future, Titanic, Evil Dead, The Green Mile, La La Land, 12 Angry Men.

I graduated from my Social Work studies. I love working with people. I have a big interest in human behavoir and thoughts. Curently I'm working with eldery people who suffer from Alzheimer. I'm organizing activities for them so they can enjoy there day and still do the things they loved in the past.

Going to museums is a regular thing for me. I love art or historical items with a lot of history. When I'm on a holiday I want to visit as many museums possible.

The final thing I want to add is that I love to travel. I've been to the United States (California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona), Italy (Venice, Verona, Rome, Vatican, Florence), France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges), Germany (Krefeld, Trier), Portugal (Lisbon, Albufeira), Poland (Warsaw, Krakow), Austria (Vienna), Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Highlands), England (London), Czech Republic (Prague, Kutna Hora), Hungary (Budapest), Ireland (Dublin), Latvia (Riga), Iceland (south/west coast), Switzerland (Grindelwald), Spain (Valencia, Ibiza), Greece (Athens), Lithuania (Vilnius), Norway (Oslo, Bergen), Sweden (Stockholm, Malmö), Luxembourg, Jordan, Malta, Denmark (Copenhagen), Estonia (Tallinn), Northern Ireland (Belfast), Finland (Helsinki), Croatia (Split) and Cyprus.

My favorite cards are:
* The most ridiculous one you have
* Cards you bought during a holiday
* Paintings and art, people, landscapes
* Tea cups, tea pots, everything with tea
* Inkognito cards
* Places of your country
* Scotland (Outlander)
* Italy
* Egypt
* Vintage
* Country or city map
* Forrest, leaves, flowers
* Movie stars, Audrey Hepburn
* Cats (only drawings)
* The Oscars, Academy Awards
* Different dance styles
* Nintendo / Mario
* Dinosaurs
* Comic books (Marvel or DC comics)
* Old movies Funny Face / Grease / Sound of Music
* Black and white
* Funny cards
* Music
* Royal family of the old days
* Anime, Dragonball Z, Death Note
* Pokemon, Digimon
* Cemeteries
* Quotes from famous philosophers/people

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