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About EJ...

Greetings from the Illinois/Wisconsin border !!!

Milestone for me, as of 4/17/19, I can send 100 postcards at a time, wow ! (That translates to over 4,550 sent, btw.)

First of all, apologies for cards in envelopes...our post offices have to use machines that process thousands of letters and cards per hour, and, well, smaller things go missing more. I also have some major issues with my handwriting and printing, but have recently tried to do some cards normally:.)
Of course, cards in or out of an envelope is entirely up to you ! I know it costs more to send in envelopes in some countries...no worries, it is not necessary:.)

I will make it easy...send me that card you can't unload on anyone else ! Postcrossing should be fun with no demands, right?

Still can't decide what to send? Here's the challenge...
Find a card you have hung on to for half your lifetime for whatever reason...that's the one I want, lol !!! You might want to tell me why you couldn't send it, if it's not obvious :.)

And remember, if you see I haven't registered your card after 30 days(or 2 weeks in the USA), please message me with the number, thanks!!!

Just a side note, I live in Kenosha, Wi, but my closest post office is in Russell, IL...literally, the post office sits on the state line, lol !!! My avatar shows this office.

Stay cool !


"Dude, remember the golden rule-Be excellent to each other"...Bill & Ted

Optional reading below...favorite items people frequently ask about...
Ice Cream flavors...Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia and Cookie Dough
Sports...Dodgeball only
Favorite books...War and Peace, Brave New World, 1984, Bleak House
Movies...Koyannisquatsi, How to Draw a Bunny, Donnie Darko, James Bond...
Series...Any Star Trek, Highlander, Forever Knight, Ancient Aliens
Fountain pens---Pilot Varsity...many colors...on ebay
Airmail stamp/account stamp...many choices...on ebay
Return stamp...many choices...on ebay
Postcrossing stamp...make your own...on ebay
Create a personal stamper...make your own saying...Office supply store
USA postage...order from USPS.com
Bookmarks...handmade from cutup cards and cool tissue boxes !
Stickers...Dollar Tree
Used stamps...collected from inbound envelopes
Envelopes...Wal-Mart...larger ones random places
Weather stamp...papersisters...very expensive !
First class stamper...on ebay
Tape, highlighters, pens, extras...Dollar Tree
Postcards/cards...thrift store, Mars Cheese Castle, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee and Chicago area...much traveling ! Kenosha is OUT of cards !!
Try Amazon for Unesco, cats and specialty cards.

Hope this was helpful ?

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