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elanj123, United States of America


(or StirCrazy) is a member in United States of America . Has been a member for over 7 years (2,690 days).
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Lat: 42.58, Lon: -87.82 | Google Maps

About StirCrazy...

***Next Postcrossing Meetup May 19th, 2018, Kenosha, Wi***

It took 2,796 sent postcards to get on the USA top 100 sent list, finally got here after 7 years and am so excited!!!

I am currently experimenting with sending cards in envelopes...a lot of my cards have been lost in space! That means a few "extras" might mysteriously get slipped in as well, lol. If you are wondering about the pickle barrel cards, lets say I have 500+ of those, easily !!! I got them along with 500 or so old time Chicago sights cards, a package deal.

I just started making homemade bookmarks from parts of other cards and materials...

I am from Chicago originally and moved to the Kenosha area 17 years ago...and, I have 3 crazy dogs!!!

You can send me any card, even old, stained and weird cards!!! I like EVERYTHING!!! And, the weirder and the uglier the better!!!Got one from another country you can't get rid!!! Oh yeah, or a card you think is stupid, lol! I'm pretty cool about whatever I get, so bring it on :.)

Still stumped? cool buildings, punk rockers, flying unicorns, bright colors, the oh no I didn't do that did I moment, handmade cards, weird attractions, pictures of tools, kung fu fighting, candy, glitter, typewriters, people hiding, animals attacking people, naughty animals, anything funny, local grocery stores, mailboxes, dogs, cats, even iguanas, medieval armory, any weapons, ID cards, "sexy time", furniture talking, Rick and Morty, suicide bunnies, happy bunny, heavy machinery, planes, trains, automobiles, ships, transportation, space, any liqour, star trek, maxine, wheres waldo, bobs burgers, weird museums, gross stuff, poster art, the New Yorker cartoons, "the natives are restless", mundane life, people carrying way too much on cars, bikes and themselves...well, you get the picture, really anything!!! If you happen to have a white bichon, tricolor Australian shepherd or buff color cocker spaniel card my dogs will thank you for those!!!

And remember, if you see I haven't picked up the postcrossing after 30 days(or 2 weeks in the USA), please message me with the number, thanks!!!

My avatar is of Rick and Morty's Blips and Chitz intergalactal game room.

Elan Jackson
7210 95TH Ave
Kenosha, WI 53142
"Dude, remember the golden rule-Be excellent to each other"...Bill & Ted

Currently reading...4321 by Paul Auster
Also trying to read...Malloy, Malone Dies and the Unameable by Beckett
Want to read...The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley
Afraid to read...Murder in Wisconsin by Jack Rosewood
Will never read...Moby Dick and Anna Karenina
My favorite reads...War and Peace, Brave New World, Crime and Punishment, most Dickens
Most hated reads...Leviathan(Hobbes), and probably more to come, lol