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About Irina...

My name is Irina.
I live in the small city of Kolchugino nearby Moskow. Here is a short video about my city:
I love being a part of this community, I love drawing a new address to who I am sending the next (hopefully) perfect card to, and I love discovering new post in my postbox.
I very much like dogs of breed "bullterrier" because I had such dog Alma, but she has already died of an old age. The card with SUCH dog would cause to me pleasant memories (please, do not bulldog and other dogs ).
I like to enjoy the silence, love Golden autumn, rain, coffe, dry red wine, delicious fish, doramas, my Siamese cat Thomas, sea, warm sand… But actually I'm a very lonely person. My only son recently died from the effects of the coronavirus and I'm getting used to living without him ...

❌ If possible please save any tourist cards, folded cards, "handmade" cards, animals and multi-view cards for people that collect them. I PREFER THE IMAGE OF LIVING PEOPLE , NOT THE TOURIST CARDS ! ❌ I BY NO MEANS INSIST, IT'S ACCORDING TO YOUR DESIRE)))

I would be grateful if you could send your postcard in an envelope and add something like a tea bag (I love tea and would like to try many varieties), coins, small banknotes or something that is typically from your country... If, of course, it does not bother you and you think it is necessary, and if it does not increase the cost of sending!
Anyway, I'll appreciate any kind of postcard you send to me! You don’t need to follow my wishlist if you can’t, I love all my inbox!

I am waiting for you to any card, but if suddenly there is something out of this, I will be happy:
🍀 very old cards,
🍀 with my favorite Jonas Kaufmann,
🍀 Fernando Botero cards,
🍀 Korean film actors postcards,
🍀 3-D cards or optical illusions,
🍀 drawn nudity (men or women) (in envelope, please),
🍀 with portraits of the elderly,
🍀 with only Siamese cats and Sphynx cats,
🍀 with beautiful waterfall,
🍀 with supernatural,
🍀 wildly, inappropriate;
🍀 with rainbow and rain,
🍀 Gerhard Glück, Gerhard Haderer, Michael Sowa works,
🍀 Vladimir Dunjić, Jan Saudek, Odd Njordrum, Salvador Dalí works,
🍀 Mark Ryden, Nicoletta Ceccoli;
🍀 Mahmoud Farshchian,Yutaka Kagaya, Nene Thomas,
🍀 Where's Wally,
🍀 Inge Look "Cheerful old women" (NO cards 11, 12, 15, 16, 20,
22, 24, 26, 27, 33, 36, 38, 39, 41, 45, 46, 49, 51, 54, 56, 58-60,62-66, 68, 69, 71, 73....,
🍀 Hilda from Duane Bryers
and so on and so forth ...

P.S. If you receive a postcard from me and see my address, it doesn't mean that I want you to send me a thank you card. It's just for me to be sure that the card will not be lost in case something wrong with the stamp - the local post office will return it to me.
Very often I can't read what you write in the cards - the handwriting is illegible. Please, write legibly or in block letters.

Thanks for thinking of me...

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