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About Dustin...

Hello Stranger,
my name is Dustin and I come from Germany. My passion for stamps began in 2011 when my grandma gave me a small album with some old stamps. I really liked to look at them and soon I wanted to enlarge my "collection". In January 2012 I went to the philatelic shop in my home town for the first time and since then I am addicted. In 2012 I also began with Postcrossing. Shortly after I joined the Postcrossing Forum. I am much more active there and visit it usually every day. In 2016 I started to study history and mathematics at the university to become a teacher one day and it keeps me really busy.

I am mainly collecting view cards of interesting, famous or historic places sent with nice or even extraordinary stamps from country of origin. Some special interests include UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Museums and stamps with cartoons or children's books. I also have a postcard blog, where I show all my received cards and where I have some longer wishlists and missing lists. If you want you can take a look there. Maybe you have something that I was looking for for a long time.
or you can take a look on my favourites. These are also cards I would love to get. :)

If you have one of these stamps I would be really happy to get it.
Argentina: Mafalda (2017)
Belgium: Manneken Pis (2019)
China: Year of the Dragon (2012)
Ireland: Game Icons (2014)
Macedonia: Eurovision (2015)
Portugal: Star Wars (2017)
Romania: Presidency of the EU Council (2019)
Singapore: Joint issue with Egypt (2011), Youth Olympics (2010)
Taiwan: Teresa Teng (2015)
USA: Star Wars (2007), Muppets (2005)

If you are from Poland and the chance to get any postcard, postmark or stamp about the Centenary of the Polish Independence I would be very happy to get it. A postcard showing a map of Poland's interwar border would be also great.

If you are from the USA I would be very happy to get a Scooby-Doo card with the new matching stamp (2018). It would really make my day!

Thanks for reading my long profile and Happy Postcrossing!

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