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About Suzanne...

I'm a Dutch girl happily living and working in London. Observing, exploring and travelling to new places are my passions. I'm here to learn about our planet. (: I work as a barista, so any cards to do with coffee would be fabulous!

Estoy aprendiendo español, habladme en español por favor para ayudarme a practicar. Gracias!

I would love to receive anything you send me that represents you, your culture, your world. If you could send me something that inspires or surprises you, really makes you think 'Wow, the world is amazing!', that would be great. Whether it's the image on the card, or what you choose to write on it.

Alternatively, if you have a card that has been in your 'to send' collection for ages, which you think is too ugly, strange, or dull to send to someone... Send it to me! I like weird stuff! The more offbeat, odd, or crazy, the better ;)

I appreciate selfmade cards, too, as well as ad cards, as long as they are not just selling a product in a boring way.

If you would like a bit more direction than that, here are some of the 'themes' that I like:

Art cards, Scandinavian and Eastern European architecture, pictures of birds, frogs, skulls or skeletons, graveyards, ghosts or supernatural, tattoos, First and Second World War, the 1800s, black&white, retro, old or old-fashioned things, and cards of old ladies being awesome. A special place in my heart is for Inge Löök's two old ladies.

Happy postcrossing!!!

PS I use exclamation marks way too much :D

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