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About doomz...

Hello! or "Pozdrav" on my language. :D

I am Adem and I live in capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. I finished international relations and diplomacy on University of Sarajevo and i started again with postcrossing after few years of break, which makes me very excited.

I would like on postcards:
- Greetings From postcards (postallove). (I already have Canada,Taiwan,Spain,Russia,Lithuania,Slovakia,Germany,Netherlands,USA,China,Hungary, France, Australia, Luxembourg, Singapore, Greece, Norway, Japan, Slovenia ,Poland, Czech Republic, Philippines, Sweden, New Zealand, Iceland, Indonesia).
-FOTW( I already have: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippines, Macedonia, Switzerland, United States, European Union, Hungary, Canada, Slovenia, Brazil, Austria, Malta, Serbia, Greece, Russia, United Kingdom)
-mythology (greek, slavic, norse...)
-cards about peace
-Covid related postcards or stamps
-Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit
-Symbols(Coats of arms, flags, traditional pattern or design or meal)
-View of the city
-World Heritage Site(WHS)
- Lightning, rainbow, aurora, sunset, sunrise
-Mountains, sea
-Something related to culture
-Something unusual
-Nature or anything else(i like surprises) :D.

Write postcards only in your own language, even if I don't understand it. It means a lot to me. I want to see your alphabet, your language, your words and beautiful stamps if possible. I love letters, so i would be happy if you would write me a letter. If you send it in envelope you can put some unused stickers, stamps (minisheets), public transport ticket, cinema ticket, teabag, coin etc...I will be so grateful.

If you need penpal from Bosnia and Herzegovina, feel free to contact me :D.
I can help you with GF, FOTW, icons of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or with some similar series. Send me 3 blank (write your address on one) and i will return one written and stamped.

So postcard friends bye, have nice day/night and happy postcrossing!

I have few expired cards :/
Expired cards:
BA-8027 China

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