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We would love to exchange postcards with you! See our postal address below!

As postal funds allow we send out a NASA Collectors postcard in return for any one of yours (you choose).

To see a sample of the postcard visit: (our Website). There is no catch.

As postal funds allow we would like to send you a FREE NASA Collectors postcard but we need your postal address, which can be emailed to:

We would also like to ask your permission to post the front image of your postcard on our 1 Million Postcards Website:

Is that okay?

When submitting an email please put "NASA Postcard Exchange" in the subject line.

If you want a link to your URL on our blog, then put your desired URL link on the back of the postcard you send us, and put "Link Me" on the postcard too. See full details on our Website.

Your response is appreciated.

Our mailing address is:

One Million Postcards
6206 Wade Road #230
Baytown, TX
77521-8868 USA

May God bless your endeavors,
Don D.Morrison

P.S. Please feel free to share our postal address, email address, and Website URL by any means (ads, email, websites, blogs, newspapers, etc.) and with anyone interested in receiving a FREE NASA Collectors Postcard!

We are not an organization. We are a team of a retired grandfather, an autistic and mentally handicapped son, and a 3 1/2 year old grandson, who want to have people turn off cell phones, televisions, and computers long enough to personally create something or just to take the time to communicate and interact with others by sending or exchanging paper postcards via local ground mail services.

During Space Shuttle Challenger mission I was working as a mainframe computer technician in Johnson Space Center Mission Control the day of the Space Shuttle Challenger accident in 1986.

Realizing how fleeting life really is I fell in love with exchanging postcards with others .

As an online missionary I plant a tiny seed for Jesus in the hope you will consider your position in life and how you influence others in your life. I do not mean to be imposing, and I greatly appreciate your time. Please take a moment to enjoy your life with those you love and cherish.

I look forward to receiving your postcard!

May God bless your endeavors,
Don Morrison -

Please accept Jesus as your personal Savior today!

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