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I'm interested in other cultures, traveling, art and history among other subjects. I find Postcrossing to be an interesting way to "travel".

~ Stuff that I would like to receive:
*traditional clothing, objects from your country
*places from your country less known, but worth knowing
*traditional Chinese/Japanese paintings or with kanji
*anime, movies, cartoons; movie/film festivals; illustrations
*vintage, steampunk themes
*surreal, other-worldly images
* if you want to send postcards with animals please send only with these animals: cats, foxes, squirrels, butterfly(insect)
!These are just suggestions, I'll be happy with any postcard I receive! ;)

~ Please feel free to tell me about yourself or what's on your mind. I'm interested in what people think and feel. Connecting with people, even if for a little bit, it's like traveling to a different world. ;)

~ Expired cards:
(ID,User,Country, Date when sent)

*GB-774910, Anneke, Netherlands, 04/05/16
*GB-805831, HellA132, Russia, 05/08/16
*GB-810407,Joy93, France, 20/08/16

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