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About Lai...

我是一個集郵,收集明信片,錢幣,紙幣,交通票,入場券,電話卡人士, 希望可以透過Postcrossing收集到不同國家的郵票明信片,錢幣,紙幣,交通票,入場券,電話卡。
Hello! my name is Derek Lai, I joined Postcrossing since December 2017. I like to collect a stamp, postcard, coin, notes, travel ticket, entrance ticket, phone card, etc, I hope to collect the aforementioned items from different countries through Postcrossing. Please send me a real, special and beautiful postcards, stamps, tickets, phone card or other special things from your country ~ ~ You can also send me old money/stamp of your country, if you don't need it. I collect them. If you stick a small coin from your country on the postcard, it will make me really happy. A warm tips, remember put items into envelope. However, if you send me a postcard only, I like the postcard written and stamped. I love beautiful, big stamps. So if you have a beautiful or unusual stamp, please use it. I really look forward to receive more than 3 stamps, what you can to do is to break up the stamp into smaller denomination, the more stamps, the better!

I collect the following series sent from the country of origin, I have received the following country currently:

GF: Australia; Austria; Belgium; Brazil; Canada; China; Czech Republic; Faroe Islands, Finland, France; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Italy; Lithuania; Macau; Malaysia; Montenegro; Morocco; Netherlands; Norway; Peru (arranged);Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Russia; Singapore; Slovakia (arranged); South Korea; Spain; Switzerland; Taiwan; Turkey; Ukraine (arranged); United Kingdom; USA.

WOW: China; Czech Republic; France; Germany; Indonesia; Netherlands; Portugal; Taiwan; USA.


WT: China; Christmas; Germany; Hong Kong; Indonesia; Malaysia; Netherlands; South Korea; Taiwan; USA; Year of the PIG.

HPC: China; Czech Republic; Germany; Italy (arranged); Malaysia; Netherlands; Slovakia; Switzerland.

FOTW: Aland Island; Armenia; Australia; Austria; Belgium; China; Czech Republic, European Union; Germany; India; Indonesia; Ireland; Italy; Liechtenstein; Malaysia; Netherlands; Norway; Peru; Philippines; Portugal; Russia; Scotland; Slovakia (arranged); Slovenia; South Korea; Taiwan, USA; Vietnam.

ICONS: China; Czech Republic; Germany; Japan; Netherlands; Slovenia; USA.

Also please write the date and weather on the card ;-)

HK-572299 anielak Poland 15/May/2018
HK-572089 Cathy1209 China 14/May/2018
HK-570029 rainer0307 Germany 4/May/2018
HK-564200 ilh Turkey 3/Apr/2018
HK-560310 supergroup Russia 14/Mar/2018

Happy Postcrossing!!!
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