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About Eugene...

I'm 29, I like to travel by planes and trains, I like airports and hotels in different countries. It is interesting for me to see different cultures and meet different people. I also like photography and cycling.

Any postcards are welcome but here are some hints for yout to make me more happy with your card. So I like:
⇒ Traditional cards of your country (views of your city, landscapes, places of interest, your country tourist logo etc.);
⇒ Aircraft, trains, airports, railway stations - especially old ones. And especially if you are from Taiwan (your train cards are the best);
⇒ Maps, flags, metro maps;
⇒ Painted cityviews (you can find some examples in my favourites);
⇒ Simpsons, Futurama, South Park (but not other cartoons);
⇒ Four-squared postcards; doesn't matter what's on them
⇒ Dragons, trolls, vikings, dwarves and other mythic creatures. I know this is a rare thing, but if you have it - use it;
⇒ Alcohol-related (beers, spirits, liquors, bars etc.);
⇒ Coffee (everything about it);
⇒ Posterized postcards (looking like posters).
⇒ Vintage reprints (cityviews only)

- Single view is more preferred than a multiview with lots of tiny squared pictures:);
- Olde classic is more preferred than some fun art.

The history of a postcard (its route and stamps on it) is very important thing for me so please do not use envelopes. Please also write something on a postcard. This could be something about yourself or some words/phrases in your language or something about your city/country or anything else.

I also like beautiful stamps and I am always trying to use some real stamps on cards I send.

Please no handmade or advertising postcards, if possible. (Ad cards of airlines, coffee and spirits are ok)

Happy postcrossing to you all:)

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