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About Lucy...

Hello, my name is Yujeong Choi (Lucy). I am a freelance-writer.

I am a girl who was born in Incheon and now live in Seoul from when I was 9 years old.

I have studied English Literature and Indonesian-Malaysian language at University.

I recently moved to Perth, Western Australia.

I've traveled Malaysia(KL, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Langkawi island...) when I was 19 with my Uni mates about 1-2 months and had pleasant days. such good memories!

I'm a big sister to my little brother who is attending culinary art school.
I said goodbye to him briefly few days ago because he's entered Korean Army. (28th of April, 2014)
All Korean men have to serve military service about 2 years. they come home from time to time.
he learned mechanical things about car back in high school. he will serve his military time mostly on the South Korean battle Tank called K-1.
I'm so worried about him.
Wish him good luck and take care of himself till he comes back to home.
He will join me as a student in France in a couple of years later, after his time.

- cats, animals

- art, museum, Renoir, Gogh

- Films

- Rock music, band performance, rock music instrumental stuff

- snowboarding, a landscape of snow

- food

- map

- aurora

- castle

- Miffy, Peter rabbit, Moomin

- Doctor who

want to recieve Postcards of

- your country's unique traditional treasure's photo with it, something cultural places, artwork stuffs

Since I'm becoming a collector, NO HANDMADE OR FREE CARDS Please.
Thanks :)


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