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About Stephanie...

Greetings from Boise, Idaho!

I am a 63 years old woman, an artist, retired art therapist, wife, mother and now a grandmother! My husband and I moved to Boise, Idaho in August of 2014. We lived in New York City for the past 30 years, but now we are in Boise, retired and we love it!

I love science fiction, particularly-Star Trek. My favorite movie is "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (the original, of course). I have been collecting science fiction movie DVDs from the 1950's. I enjoy painting, sculpting, collage, photography, and I have been taking pottery lessons and I am enjoying throwing pots on the wheel..I like to watch the experienced potters. It seems so effortless when they throw a pot. I also love the opera, and my husband and I like to take long walks along the Boise River, which is right next to where we live.

My favorites are postcards of interesting architecture (close-up, rather than aerial ones, especially museums and opera houses), typical or unusual places in your city/country, State and Country map cards, mountains, people in traditional dress, or, if you are artistic, something you have created! (I am especially fond of handmade postcards)

Please send the postcard stamped, without an envelope (unless you have made mail art and are concerned that it will not arrive in one piece, of course you could use an envelope!). And I am happy to receive postcards with interesting stamps, if you have them, thanks!

Of course, these are only suggestions, just in case you are wondering what to send me, and whatever type of postcard I receive will be greatly appreciated, because I'm so happy to receive a postcard in the mail from you, and I would love to hear about your life! If you would, please tell me something about yourself and/or the view on the postcard when you write.

I usually put my return address on the postcard (and would suggest it to anyone relying on the USPS) because it seems to help keep me from having too many expired (lost in transit) postcards and since we have only two different GLOBAL (international) stamps here in the US, I try to put a number of stamps of smaller denominations on the cards which add up to the international rate and I don't want my postcard to get thrown out because of not enough postage (in case I added incorrectly :D) and the post office will send the ones back that have the return address on them if I make a math error. If that happens to your postcard, I'll send it again to you with an extra one and an apology for having to wait.

Please let me know if you sent a postcard and have not heard from me in a month...that should be long enough for a postcard from anywhere to reach me here in Idaho.

Thank you very much, in advance, and best wishes,

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