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Updated July 21, 2017

Until further notice, I won't be accepting Direct Swaps requests. I'm returning from a very prolonged time of inactivity and I need to regain the habit. I will try to honor recent requests, but I have yet to answer most of them.



I'm a Dominican guy that loves the idea of sending postcards. If you don't know anything about the Dominican Republic, please do some research on Wikipedia or Google and you surely will find a very weird mix of facts. We have magnificent beaches and nice mountains, but we face poverty and social challenges in many ways. But we are known to be the happiest people in the World (prove me wrong if you can). We have a fragile health system, but we manage to make a party every night in any corner. We have almost no good schools but again our kids will enchant you with their wide and sincere smiles. We might have no permanent electricity (yeah, we still have blackouts everyday) but we will find a way to enjoy merengue and dance at the first chance. Yes, we dance alot!

My country is known by its wonderful nice beaches, and that's probably the most obvious postcard theme. But we have also other good things to share. Like being the first place were Europeans built a city, having the first Cathedral in America, the first University, the first road, the first fortress... America begins in my country!

So, being a Dominican and joining this website means for me a great opportunity to share my country with the World thru postcards.

But again, I also love to receive postcards from anywhere in the planet. Feel free to send me any postcard from your country. I trully appreciate the non-typical kind of postcard, the one kind that depicts the sociological aspect of your country and its traditions. Do you have farmers? That's a great idea for me. Do you have cowboys? Send them too. But again, I'll be happy to receive just any kind of postcard.

Feel free to write in any language you speak (please do!) but if possible, try to translate to English, Spanish or Portuguese so I will understand your words.

Thanks for reading

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