dafini, Papua New Guinea

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About Daniel...

Please note, I'm not interested in direct swap, yet - maybe later, but at the moment I have too much to do. Thank you.


My name is Daniel. I'm 18 years old and I come from the south of Germany. For the next few month I'm going to live in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to do a voluntary social year. It's an unque country with interesting and beautiful nature and wondeful people.
I love to read books, draw pictures, hike in the nature, play instruments (French horn, recorder) and work with children. I also collect stamps and coins/banknotes from all over the world because I love to see the little pictures on them, which can tell so much about the country they are from.

Only if you don't know what to write about, just tell me about what is depicted on the postcard; amazing places to visit where you live; places you've alredy visited etc.; your hobbies (are you playing an instrument, too?)......
You can also draw something if you want.

But please do not write only one sentence like "Happy Postcrossing!" or something like that!

If you don't mind, would you please write the date, the temperature and weather outside on the postcard? It's always interesting to see.

If you want to send a card in an envelope it'll be welcome of course! If you can, it would be great if you put something in it, like a little newspaper article - no matter if I can read it, stamps, a bottle label, tickets, bookmarks........ - something that doesn't cost anything, but it can give me a little impression of your country.

I would perfer cards with:
-beautiful stamps :-)
-tourist postcards with pictures of interresting places, landscapes, buildings etc. to visit in YOUR town/country, single view would be great
-animals and plants that are TYPICAL for YOUR COUNTRY especially birds!, bats, insects - please if possible no pets or farm animals or animals and plants that don't live in your country!
- EVERYTHING releated to BULLFINCHES (!!!); especially paintings of them
-traditional art
-UNESCO World Heritage Sites
-churches, mosques, temples and other religious buildings and places to visit in your country
-old postcards, which may start to get yellow:)
-nature views of your county
-polar lights/ aurora borealis
-dolmes, menhirs
-foggy landscapes
-historic places
-a map of your country
-other alphabets like the Cyrillic, runes, Gaelic, Greek...
-symbols and patterns that have a special meaning in your country (please tell me if possible!)
-instruments (traditional instruments, flutes, organs, harps...)
-people in traditional dresses
-Blue Cats by Irina Zeniuk
-look at my favourites (most of them are cards I still don´t have but I'd like to get...)
........... - I 'm happy with any card you send me! Just surprize me:)


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