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curried_belle, India


(or Metro) is a member in India . She has been a member for over 3 years (1,401 days).
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About Metro...

Updated: November 27, 2015

Guten Tag! Marhaba! Namaskaram! My name is Mithra and I grew up in the Middle East, have lived in Australia and now live with my beautiful husband and son in Hyderabad, India.

I enjoy a lot of things in life, so my interests keep changing. I am trying to appreciate some of the simple joys that day to day living can bring, like a walk in the night, looking up at the stars, playing with my son, exploring new TV shows with my husband, cataloguing all the different smells I come across (my favourites are camphor, jasmine, chocolate, baked bread, wet earth), reading and getting lost in a good book, travelling, trying out new shampoos (hee hee) and so on.

I appreciate all the postcards I have received. However, if you have the time, I would like these too:

1) Handmade postcards, by yourself or your children or even your pets! A paw print would be pretty cool to get. I really like a personal touch in postcards. Even doing a little doodle, or writing a small poem for eg. would be really precious.

2) Feminist cards of any kind. Could be drawn, could be a photo of an artist or a scientist, could have inspirational messages for women, could be women crime fighters like Wonder Woman =)

3) Postcards of paintings - famous ones/ lesser-known ones/ typical to your country/colourful/abstract - anything. I recently started painting, and whenever I receive postcards that show paintings, I am greatly inspired by them.

4) Any postcard that defines 'magical' for you. I just think all of us need to be reminded once in a while to look for the 'magic' that life has to offer.

Again, any card that you send will be whole-heartedly appreciated and saved in my little postcard treasure chest =) The above pointers are just for inspiration!

For a change, whatever the postcard you send, maybe you could write about any or all of these things in your postcard. I think it makes the process of writing a little more thoughtful, exciting and personal:

1) What is your favourite smell and why? Where and when did you smell it last? How does that smell make you feel?

2) What does the word, 'magic' mean for you? How does it make you feel? What was your last experience with it?

3) If you are a parent, please tell me what motherhood or fatherhood means to you. What were your first memories of becoming a parent?

Thank you so much for all your postcards. My day is that much more 'magical' when I get one from you =) Loads of love from here! xoxo