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About Sarah...

Hello :)

My name is Sarah.
I live in Lucerne, Switzerland and work in HR.
Love traveling, writing and meeting people. :) also i always start DIY projects and new hobbies, get everything i need and then kind of loose interest. My newest hobby is knitting. So far i made a headband that could also be a cleaning cloth and a blanked that would be perfect for a mouse. 😉

My forever hobbies are hiking, reading and postcrossing😊

Latest books I can recommend:
The Maid, Nita Prose
Surviving Srebrenica, Hasan Hasanovic (i translated the title from German : Srebrenica überleben)
And a childrens book: Wolf, Sasa Stanisic

There are my more books i love but i will keep the list here short😊

Any postcard that you like is great for me ☺️ i care more about the back. so please write something on it :) But to give you an idea i'll just randomly write things i like (if that helps you choosing)

- Frida Kahlo
- comics/illustrations
- Colours/artistical
- inge löök
- tausendschön
- Funny and cute things
- unusual cards
- your childhood heroes
- a card with a story behind
- a card you were totally happy when u bought it and now you sort of cannot send it to anyone ( i have sooo many of these :))
- you can also have a look at my sent cards, those are also cards i like😊 except the tourist cards i am not very much into them and only send those if someone wishes them 🙈

Recently i fell for the wow and world fashion cards so if you happen to have one of those, that would be great 😊

Tell me something nice that happened to you, about your family, life, friends or something about your favourite book...
maybe you know a fun fact? go ahead write it down :) a great joke or anything else :)
and really:
Any postcard you would love to receive is great for me :)
Have a lovely day and happy postcrossing :)

Thank you for reading all of this😊

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