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About Corina...

Hi there!

I’m glad to have been selected as your next Postcrossing buddy.

My interests include:
• illustration, drawing, art
• reading, old book covers
• yoga, mindfulness, meditation
• cats, owls, foxes, basically cute animals
• folklore, traditions
• beautiful stamps. Optional: if you can place the card in an envelope, it would really help to detach the stamp safely to include in my collection. I collect stamps and Postcrossing has been wonderful for this purpose. But please don't feel pressured to use an envelope.

So I'd be happy to receive postcards about those topics or:
• cute things
• places, cities or villages
• drawings
• cartoons
• a part of your world, something significant for you
• Christmas cards 🎄 (in winter)
• Birthday cards 🎂 (in March)

Also, tell me something interesting about you, like:
• what you are grateful for today or in general
• what self care activities you have
• your favourite food, clothing, inspiring quote, home decoration
• your most valuable item and its story
• a little known fact
• your hobby
• your pet
• what you do for a living
• what you wish you did for a living
• a memory you hold dear - best friend from childhood, etc.

Please don't forget to write the date and your location.
Optional: I'd be really happy with the temperature and a simple drawing of the weather, as well. For example: ☁️ 15 C or 🌤 18 C.

Thanks for the lovely cards!

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