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About Marja...

I live in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. It's a town with a population of ca.100.000, with a historic centre. It is famous for it's cheese market.

I was married for almost 36 years, but sadly my husband passed away in november 2016. He had a very agressive form of cancer. We knew each other for almost 40 years, so it took a while to get used to being alone. But after almost a year of that I discovered that I'm settling in in this new situation and I'm happy again. We have one child, a son. He is 29 y.o., lived for a while in Amsterdam, and recently bought his own house (with his girlfriend) in Heerhugowaard, which is near Alkmaar.

I love playing games on the computer. I like city builders, adventures, indie games. I had a crush on Stardew valley, Slime ranger, Two Point hospital, Anno 1404. I'm very fond of This war of mine, an anti-war game. I like board games too. But I also like to read. I mostly read detectives or literature. And cookbooks. When on a holiday I always buy a cookbook from the country or region I visit. Currently I'm occupying myself selling things I don't need anymore on the internet: I hate throwing good things away, I love giving things a second life.

I like to cook, crochet, cross stich, build (small) doll's houses and do jigsaw puzzles.

And I like to collect things. I collect items from Surprise Eggs, but I also collect postcards with either RECIPES or KITES on them.

If you're stuck finding a postcard for me:
I like colorful pictures, I also like bizarre humor (for example Awkward family photo's), or black humor.
Still having a problem?
I like the following subjects (apart from the recipe theme and kite theme), in no particular order:
-paper models (bouwplaten)
-dress-up dolls (aankleedpoppen): old-fashioned paper dolls, with paper clothes and accessories
-things to do with games (board games and computer games)
-people reading
-cats (funny, not soppy)
-fairy tales (no Disney, please)
-metro maps
-Where is Wally? (or other "puzzle" cards)
-lucky four-leave clovers
-Umbrella's or parasols
-Alphabets, or things to do with language, for example a special dialect or letter
-the first Batman-series and movie, with Adam West playing Batman
-anti-violence, anti-war

Or...Just check my Favourites.

I don't like:
-real pornographic postcards: I'm not prude. I just think that sex shouldn't be made into a degrading thing
-real animals with clothes on: what's the point? They don't ask for it!
-religious postcards: I don't mind a postcard of the odd church or something. I just don't like sermons. I don't feel the need for conversion. I'd like to think I can make up my own mind.

I'm sorry but I decided to cut down my Favourites: it only exists of postcards that I actually received: I think it is easier on the eye.

Happy Post-X-ing!

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