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I'm a guy from New Orleans now living in Mandeville, Louisiana. Over the last year, I've become the main caretaker for my dad, who's battling lung cancer so I've changed my account to have postcards sent in his name to put a smile on his face :) I have a whole project that I'm doing dedicated to this and I'm documenting it on a blog: Keeping his motivation up, keeping his appetite strong and getting exercise are daily struggles at times and we need all the happy things we can think of as he goes through chemo and radiation! Postcrossing was one of the first things that popped into my head to remind him of the kindness that exists all over the world :) So if you wouldn't mind just sending a "hello" from wherever you are to my dad (he's David), it would have quite the big impact and give him something to look forward to each day :) He's a huge fan of food and cooking and used to be a chef..he still loves to cook when he can muster up the energy. And he's very much a music lover of music from the late 60's/early 70's. He grew up on The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, etc and used to work at a club here in New Orleans called The Warehouse where he would get to meet many of those artists. Love his old stories :) Thank you in advance for the difference you've made!

Just write whatever you'd like and we LOVE stamps...stamp collecting is one of my most passionate hobbies! :)

My name is Chris, by the way, and I manage this account for him...I'm a counselor and work in mental health as my full time job. When I'm not doing that, Books and reading are one of my main passions. I also love music and collect vinyl, coffee, art, plants, gardening, paper and could say I'm a creature of comfort ;) Please send cards to my dad, though I'm totally open to exchanging cards with anyone who wants to be a penpal!

Happy Postcrossing!