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About Laureen...

Hello, my name is Laureen, nice to meet you :)

Now I work as a seamstress.
I love art, theater, reading, cooking, gardening, manual and creative activities, traveling, taking photo, sewing, recycling...
I'm happy to discover new things, new cultures and traditions.

For help you to find inspiration (not obligation of course !):
- Particularities from your city/country : architecture, street view, food, custom, quote, artist...
- Photo of Doisneau, Atget, Evans, Capa, Man Ray...
- Artworks of : Manet, Klimt, Mucha, Frida Kahlo, Schiele, Chagall, Bosch, Bruegel, Hokusaï...
❤️ Street art.
❤️ Readers
❤️ Cute, poetic, fantastic, graphic or minimalist illustrations.
❤️ "Greetings from..." cards.
❤️ Gotochi card.
❤️ Cute fruits : cherry, raspberry, watermelon, lemon, kiwi
❤️ Cute or funny cats (Lancy cat, Simon's Cat, Jetoy cat)
- Old transports : train, plane, boat (❤️Titanic)
- Cup of tea/coffee, tea-pot, teabag
❤️ Alice in wonderland, Peter Pan, The little red riding hood, Grimm or Anderson tales... So all stories for kids !
- Le Petit Prince by St Exupéry
❤️ llama (or Kuzco).
- Old clothes, traditional dress... Specially about 19th and 20th century.
- All red things : cherry, poppy...
❤️ Cartography of subway/street or infographics maps
- Cute animals : rabbit, hedgehog, fawn, panda, fox, owl, deer...
- My favorite Disney characters : Mulan, Belle, Pocahontas, Anastasia, Bambi...
- About collections or series cards (Nouvelles Images...)
❤️ Pantone card (I have Yellow 100)
❤️ Neko-sushi card (I have the blue)
- Old/vintage Ad, movie poster, front cover of famous magazines
❤️ Friends from Taïwan, can you help me to find "Rabbit with mask" (面具兔) card ?
❤️ Cute cactus illustration
- "Suicide Rabbit" card
- Lego
❤️ Funny and fluffy unicorn
- Card with stamp-form from UK
- Typical US Greetings From with the name of the state on the front
❤️ "Letter in the Bottle" serie (I have France)
❤️ "Love in the world" serie (I have France, Thaïland and S. Arabia)
❤️ Animals in envelope 森林信差 by L.Miao.
❤️ Lantern Press serie from US (as my US-4398366 or US-2169008).
❤️ Andersen Design Group card

> The challenge of the month : Every 2 months, I challenge you to find a card about an hard subject.
So... August/september = Tattoo girl

I can't wait to read you !
Please tell me more about you, your stylelife, your city/job/hobbies/dreams...
Or sending something with the card, I'll be very happy: Teabag, tickets, newpaper, recipe...
I will send the same in return, so give me your address !
I love Mail Art, so feel free to write\draw me everything you like :)
(poems and secrets are welcome)

You can watch my favorite-wall cards for inspiration. My fav-cards are cards that I don't have, but I'm in love with.
All cards are very appreciated, surprise me with your choices and creativity ;)

Happy postcrossing at all =)

((Sorry, but I don't register cards I haven't receive))

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