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About Cherry...

I am Cherry from China, and I love classical art and movie. I own an art bookstore in Beijing, and I really enjoy reading, which is quite a luxury in such a modern society. The reason I love postcards is also you need to wait, to find the words that strike you.

★I'm a big fan of Kaj Stenvall's cards and wish to collect all of them!!:D I know it's quite impossible. Though impossible is nothing with all your help!!
My collection:
Will you help me?

★I'm also a big fan of Pixar/Disney/DreamWorks~ Please if you have a card from The Art of Pixar or The Art of Disney postcard boxes, I would loooove to receive it! (My favorites are: How To Train Your Dragon, Frozen, Monster, Inc, Ratatouille, etc.)
My collection:

Here's a brief wishlist of my other loves:
☆cuty or humorous animals (CATs!!)
☆"golden age of illustration", especially showing tales and myths(Kay Nielsen!!)
☆children's book illustration (I love Pettson and Findus!!)
☆Maximum cards (my collection: - if you send me a Maxicard, I prefer you put it in an envelop. But if it's prepaid, then no need to pay extra~!:P I love those Australian MC!
☆about movie & cartoon & Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks (i.e. How To Train Your Dragon!!)
☆about books /reading
☆food & drinks(chocolates /coffee /cheese~~)
☆flag of your country or state, especially those flying in wind or interesting ones (not just a picture)
☆fairy tales, mysterious or ghost stories
☆something in watercolor illustration style
☆about LOVE

NO envelop, please! Nice stamps on a card is a GREAT, WONDERFUL and PERFECT gift for me!!! (Except for Maximum cards.)

P.S. Postcrossers from USA: If you can send me a stamp of "Send of HELLO/Mail a SMILE", I will be delighted!

Here're some samples of my "would like to receive" cards:

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