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About Fabiana...

Hi there!
I live in a small village in Switzerland and I love sending postcards when I travel, sadly I don't travel enough to send a lot of postcards. So I thought it would be cool to send some cards from my country to some random people. And I love to put cute (mostly cat) stickers on my cards (:

About me:
I am a 21 y/o who just came back from a year as a volunteer in Ecuador. There I was working in a rehab for minors who had drug consumption problems. Due to the pandemic I decided to came back a bit earlier than planned. And here I am now. I wanna study soon psychology and I want to do my master in sexology to become a sexual therapist. :)

I really love art. My favourite artists are Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Artemisia Gentileschi. I'm also into photography and architecture.

I'm a quite lazy person and my hobbies are reading, watching series and youtube videos, gaming, petting my cat, embroidery, going to the opera, drinking beer and taking photos.

It doesn't matter to me what kind of postcards you want to send me. I'm happy with every card – even with the ugliest one you can find or you can make one even yourself, if you want! And I don't mind ad cards. Because I think that postcrossing isn't about being picky and requesting cards which are hard to find. It's all about making a random person in another place of the globe happy.

If you don't know what you could write on the card, here are some suggestions:
- What you ate today
- If you have pets, what are their names and what animals are they
- How your last birthday was
- What books you had to read in school you loved/hated
- What you wouldn't recommend doing/visiting/eating/... in your country or city
- What you would like to do but can't because of time, money, motivation etc.
Of course you can draw something as well. Important is for me, that you are happy with the card you send me.

You can write me in English, (swiss)German, Italian, French (simplified) and Spanish!

Thank you!

Ps. I'm sorry for my terrible writing!

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