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About Chantelle...

Hello, my name is Chantelle. I am a HongKongese in Canada. I love to meet new people.

I love travelling, my favourite countries are Japan and Britain. My hobbies include photography, reading & tweeting. I spent at least a couple hours daily on social media.

Canada is a very beautiful and peaceful country, our winter temperature sometimes go below -30C, yeah cold but this is awesome!! : )

I don't really play sport, but I enjoy watching NBA. My favourite team is the San Antonio Spurs! Tim Duncan is my all-time favourite basketball player.

I love spicy food, seafood and of course, dessert!! I am a big fan of cup noodle too, I like trying new favour.
Tell me what your favourite food is?!

My favourite colour is PINK, baby pink, not shocking pink or dirty pink. The girly colour.

If it's possible, please send me postcard WITHOUT envelop as I want to have stamps on the card. I am happy with any type of card, scenery of your country or your favourite places ever visited would be awesome. The only type I don't like is real animal card.
If you send me unique stamps I will be more than happy. ^.^

~~~Christmas cards are welcomed in Nov & Dec~~~

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