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About Lesya...

Hello fellow postcrosser :)

I originally from the very Far East of Russia, but marvelous Saint Petersburg adopted me amiably. I live with my beloved boyfriend and a snow-white cat with different eyes. She warms my knees while I write postcards and quacking when I try to get rid off of her :D
My house is open to the four winds, although just rhetorically.
Once I lived without dreams for four days. Another day I mixed up two brass boxes and brewed pipe tobacco instead of regular loose tea. On one occasion, I searched for my cat for a pretty long time, until I realized I have no cat.

Great fan of Poland, Serbia, Norway and related languages.

Indeed it's a great fantastic happiness to get any card, but I'll more than happy to receive something from the list below (it's just a suggestion for sure) :

First of all: May I ask you to draw a duck please?

- Adventure Time/Mulan/CLAMP
- Handmade card (also stickers, painting, decorating, etc)
- Any shaped cards/any cards designed from material differ from paper
- penguins, seal and otters
- gems and any jewelery
- linguistic cards (your alphabet, some letters etc)
- feminist/great women set
- Cats (prefer drawn ones to photo)
- Finnish fears set
- Japanese band "Arashi" (Sho! ♥)
- books/reading/libraries
- Postcards related to the concentration camps
- Harry Potter, LOTR, and Fantastic Beasts
- Any modern drawn illustration
- Cute/kawaii and something like that MOAR GLIMMER AND FOIL IN MY LIFE! :D
- YOUR favorite postcard :)

Like others, I do love different stamps. Just in case: I collect tea bags.

(Sorry, I don't really like city view, but adore drawn cities!)

Well, there is an odd request: my mother collects a paper wrap from toilet paper (oh yeah, SHE DOES) and the whole family and friends look for something new. Just in case you have paper wraps - would you like to send it to me like via official postcrossing or via direct SWAP please)

Дарагiя пасткросеры з Беларусi, прашу вас, не саромейцеся пiсаць мне на беларускай мове!

Shame on me, but I like envelopes, so if it doesn't have extra cost, would you like to send me a card in an envelope, please (Yes, sometimes cards come to me a bit damaged, sorryбиге moreover I love opening an envelope looking for suprise)

I love long writing on the back. If you don't know what to tell me there are some ideas:

Do tell me about your lovely smell.. or... what's the happiest recollection in your whole life? what do you do while you're writing me a postcard? What about cool unusual words in your native language? Would you like to share some idiom of your language? Do you have any pets?

Oh, I have decided to add a couple of cards that frustrate me: if it possible, please avoid ad-cards and online-printed cards.

Thank you for reading such a long profile!

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