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My collection, please take a look to avoid sending duplicate cards:

Hello stranger, nice to meet you!

My name is Sander, 43-year-old, and I live in the beautiful city of Groningen, Netherlands. In daily life I work at the university. In my free time I enjoy lots of things, like books, movies, going to concerts, travelling and playing chess.
Groningen is a typical student city, with a young population, very dynamic and lively. Most people move around by bike, Groningen has been called 'bicycling capital of the world'! To get an idea:

Feel free to write anything you want. But if you want a suggestion: I love books and movies, maybe you can recommend me your favourites. Sharing a secret, that would be interesting too. Or maybe some travel suggestions. Please do write more than just 'Happy Postcrossing'.

Of course each card will be very much appreciated, but here are a few themes that I especially like (in random order):

✪✪ psychology, neuroscience, the human brain, therapy, Freud, Rorschach etc.
✪✪ create your own card about the human brain, would be great!
✪✪ parodies of famous paintings (I collect Munch's 'The Scream' parodies)
✪ movies, movie festivals
✪ people under water (but no diving gear)
✪ mermaids
✪ chess
✪ beautiful women, pin-ups, tasteful female erotica
✪ spiral staircases
✪ artistic Black & White photography, cards with some special effect, cards by famous photographers (so please not just an old card!)
✪ subway/metro/underground maps
✪ aurora borealis, northern light
✪ new topic: artist self-portraits (photo or painting)
✪ artists that I like:
* M.C. Escher
* Jackson Pollock
* Edward Hopper
* Edvard Munch
* Yoshitomo Nara
* Rene Magritte
* Joost Swarte
* Arcimboldo
✪ USA state maps (still need DC, IN, KS, MD, ND, NV, VT, WY), different cards from the same state are great too!
✪ Donald Trump (positive and negative)
✪ book shelves, cards with lots of books on them, book covers
✪ optical illusions
✪ strange, weird, bizarre, politically incorrect cards, dark humor
✪ extreme weather: lightning, thunderstorms, tornado
✪ close-up of human eyes
✪ Bunny suicides
✪ lighthouses in stormy seas
✪ crowds of people (like a real-life Where's Waldo)
✪ x-ray images, medical scans
✪ modern passenger airplanes, airports
✪ U-boats
✪ city views from cities with beautiful skylines
✪ Hong Kong city & street views, umbrella movement
✪ cards that make me go "Wow!"
✪ world maps

You can check my favourites to see which cards I like a lot. They are a mix of cards sent to me and cards sent to other postcrossers. Of course I would be very happy to receive one of these 'cards-sent-to-other-postcrossers'. Nice stamps are appreciated!

Please no envelope. And please no christmas, new year, animals, Kaj Stenvall, flowers or religion cards. Ad cards are welcome!

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