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About 童舒颖...

Hi,my name is Shuying(^^)

I like reading ,Stamp collecting and meet interesting people :)

Some may be helpful reference↓↓↓ :

♪-Detective Conan,名探侦コナン(my favourite!!!♥♥♥),
♪-HARRY POTTER!!!!(♥it's very very good:),☆☆☆
♪-The anime(Such as Ghibli,Chi-bi Maruko......)All types♥.
♪- Maximum Postcard ♥MC,
♪-chocolate or heart♥
♪-cloud with setting sun or sunrise,( 云与日出日落的各种形态:)
♪-starry sky(星空♡)
♪-Royal Wedding or Members of the royal family.☆
♪-Movies.All types♥.
♪-Ballet girl :D ,
♪-some interesting shape card,
♪-The painting of Vincent Willem van Gogh (I've been collecting them...),
♪-Famous people(like Audrey Hepburn ),
♪-Landmark building,
♪- Giraffes,
♪-About history,
♪-about music(such as Musician,Musical instruments or Concert)
♪- traditional or your country(city),
♪-Other strange and eccentric, special(but DON'T reptiles〈such as snakes〉, mollusks, unbeautiful insects, I'm afraid of these, please)

Of course, you don't need to be confined to these requirements(this is only some reference, if you do not know what to send), you are free to follow your heart, send whatever you think good cards. I'll be happy to get any card you choose to send me :)

You can write to me in the native language, it will be very interesting to me.(But please,translate into English:)

★Please NOT ad. cards / Handmade cards.

Please write down the date.^_^

Happy postcrossing!


◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈(๑• . •๑)
Have a beautiful day!!!

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