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About Becki...

Hello! I have updated my profile for the New Year, so I've removed all previous requested themes. I'm hoping to change these themes seasonally to broaden my collection of postcards!

If you happen to have one, for the beginning of 2021 I am hoping to collect some of these themes:
+ polar bears, tigers, pandas, or ox
+ sunrise/sunset
+ food (images, drawn, recipes)
+ map or flag
+ purple

For what to write on the postcard, I'm borrowing an idea from @fairy_hanne (with her permission) that I'd love to receive from you!

Please answer the question that corresponds with the day you write your postcard to me. List the song title and artist (and write the date on your postcard). I look forward to discovering everyone's favorite songs!

day 1: A song you like to drive to (or hear while in the car)
day 2: A song you like with a number in the title
day 3: A song you like with a person's name in the title
day 4: A song that you could play on repeat all day
day 5: A song you like from the year you were born
day 6: A song you like from you're childhood
day 7: A song you like about love
day 8: A song you like from an artist who is no longer alive
day 9: A song you like that's a cover by an other artist
day 10: A song that makes you want to dance
day 11: A song that reminds you of someone
day 12: A song with a day in the title
day 13: A song with a person's name in the title
day 14: A song from your favorite artist
day 15: A song you know all the words to
day 16: A song you like sing at karaoke (or hear someone perform at a karaoke night)
day 17: A song you like from a movie
day 18: A song you like that you don't quite know the words to, but still enjoy it anyway
day 19: A song that best describes your personality
day 20: A song that needs to be played at full volume
day 21: A song you like that was released this year
day 22: A song about nature
day 23: A song you like from '70s
day 24: A song you like from '80s
day 25: A song you like from '90s
day 26: A song with an animal in the title
day 27: A song from your favorite album
day 28: A song you wish you could play
day 29: A song with a color in the title
day 30: A song that reminds you of summer
day 31: The last song you listened to

Sending in an envelope is absolutely OK, but don't feel you have to -- either way is fine by me. It’s always fun to be able to include small extras when sending in an envelope. (I collect stickers and playing cards in case you have any you'd like to share.) =)

My favorites wall is a wish list. If you have one of those cards that you could share with me, I'd love to receive it!

Thank you!

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