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About Chloe...

Hello my name is Chloe, I live in Hull, England. My city was UK City of culture in 2017 and we celebrated with lots of art, music and theatre.

My hobbies include crafts of all kinds, letter writing, camping, reading, hiking and spending time with my friends and family. I would love to hear about your hobbies or favourite places to go hiking!

I live with my husband, James and two cats, Penny & Schrodinger. I am a crazy cat lady and my cats are my furbabies. The cat in my profile picture was called Garfield, he was my best friend when I moved out for the first time but sadly he passed away due to old age.

My favourite books to read are books about wizards such as Lord of the Rings, The Dresden Files, The Rivers of London. If you have read any good series about wizards not mentioned here I would love to hear about them!

I love watching drama series on Sky and Netflix to relax when life gets too busy and I listen to lots of varied music. My favourite radio station is BBC 6 Music as it introduces me to lots of new music and is a little bit off the beaten track. I don’t really enjoy chart music but sometimes something really cheesy catches my attention and gets me dancing.

I work for a franchise of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, someone recently sent me a card with some really cool VW stamps on there so please if you have any Volkswagen related cards or stamps I would love to see those!

Food is also a big thing for me. I love eating out but also home cooking, trying new recipes and sharing them with my friends and family. If you have any favourite recipes to share I would love to try them out.

I am currently the co-president of my local Women's Institute group. The Women's Institute is a national women's collective in the UK and I believe other countries have similar institutions. If you are a member of the WI or similar group I would love to hear about that and what you get up to. It is a big part of my life and gets me out doing new things and meeting new people.

Other things I like;

Kimi Raikkonen ♡
Guy Martin ♡
Snail Mail
Hull City AFC (football)

My favourite cards are city view cards or cards from your country, but any card will make me smile.. I'm pretty easy to please, can't wait to hear from you!

Write to me about where you live, a local recipe or poem, tell me about your life and what makes you happy or sad..

If you would like to keep exchanging cards just leave your address on the bottom of the card and I will write back.

I am also a member of the Letter Writer's Alliance and so always looking for someone new to write to!

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