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About Peter...

I appreciate any kind of cards, especially if you made it special.
My wish list is very challenging, I know, but don't be afraid of it, I will be happy for your card even if it doesn't fit my wish list. Just try your best, check my blogs listed below, and everything will be fine :) The point is to capture my aesthetics and taste. Be creative!
I can like any type of cards, just try avoiding those basic cards with very shiny, reflective, almost sticky surfaces.

To have an idea about my taste, don't hesitate to check my
tumblr ,
my instagram @biphobe ,
The postcards I pinned as favorites give a VERY good idea of my likes

Instead of an introduction, please
- tell me a weird custom of your people in your neighborhood or nation or social class that you find super annoying or weird (the bests are the ones you share too, it's a fun self-critique).
//// An example: A Russian lady wrote me that Russians do NEVER throw away plastic bags, they are stored in a huge package in the kitchen, they are useless, take space, and are a real pain. She also had a package in her kitchen. -> This example is HILARIOUS, I'm sure you have something similar! ////
- share 3 random and weird facts about yourself
Or anything personal you'd like to say, be creative, just avoid the basic introduction.

- LGBT cards!!! (this is the ultimate preference, it can be anything even sligthly related to LGBTQ, just send it :DD )
- cards inspired by my favorites, or my tumblr.
- Multiple images cards (ed. Nouvelles Images), and any other card similar to this type, like icons, etc.
- Penguin Books, New York Times, Vogue, etc. covers
- cards made of special material
- minimalist graphic design
- industrial(ism), brutalism, post-socialist doom (pls google these terms if you don't know what I mean, the pictures give a nice impression)
- 100Postcard boxes/sets are usually very nice (I use some, it would be funny to rebuild the collections by receiving)

UNESCO WHS - only from original country and if you don't have anything from the above list. Pls write UNESCO WHS + name of the site on the back. My list:

- NO religious cards, unless they are extremely kitschy
- absolutely NO basic touristic cards, pls!
- I hate football, and not really interested in sports at all, so please avoid the topic if possible (unless it fits the above mentioned subjects)
- NO Christmas, or other seasonal cards, pls!

I have no size-preference, but the Post's engines are very rough, so I'd recommend to use standard (or smaller) size. The bigger cards get wildly damaged

Je parle francais and ich möchte meine Deutschkentnisse zurückbringen und erfrischen, so please write me on these languages if you are a native speaker. I REALLY SPEAK both, so you can write as you'd write to a native speaker

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