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About Betty...

Hi! My name is Betty, I am 30 yrs old and live in the capital of Austria, in Vienna. Thanks a lot for sending me a card and giving me a part of you, your country and culture :-).

If it is possible just send me any beautiful card or a stunning, wonderful view on your city or country.
Please write as much as you can on the card and explain what is showen there, I will highly appreciate it. If it´s not a viewcard just write about you or recommend me a book :). If you don´t want to write at all, just stick something on the card, like stickers, a chewing gum paper, a train ticket, whatever comes to your mind.

I know, it´s not nice to read a lot of DON´Ts but there is one thing that it is important for me and I would thankful if you could appreciate it, thanks:
!!!! Please do not send me a viewcard or a scenery of another country than the card is sent from, thank you!!!!!
I also kindly ask you not to send me touchnote cards, thanks a lot.

If you prefere a specific WISHLIST:

- !!!a card of my favorite wall :-) (similar cards ar of course also highly welcomed)!!!:
- handmade cards (especially drawings, paintings, etc.)
- stunning beautiful viewcards (colourful or black and white, new or vintage reprint; Old buildings are prefered to newer ones)
- good quality multiview cards
- about religious or cultural festivals (pls explain thanks)
- something mystic, beautiful, like fairies, meermaids or similar
- erotic cards: man&woman or woman (pls tasteful, like the ones in my favs, can also be b+w, sepia or painted or vintage)
- vintage reprint
- anything romantic
- anything spiritual
- Romy Schneider
- Queens, Princesses, royal familys of informer times (pls explain, thanks :))
- History or politics related (pls explain)
- Sepia (views or people)
- Listonosha ( - people, women - especially the erotic cards)
- Ballet
- Beautiful handmade
- musicals (especially The Phantom of the Opera)
- beautiful images of overweighted people (not mean or funny pls)
- piaono/piano player
- cards related to Bollywood movies and/or Bollywood actors/actresses
- women in Saris
- Hippies
- anything related to the cw shows "the originals" or "the 100"
- ad cards/free cards are fine if they match my wishes

-USA: New Orleans

But any card you choose with love, will be highly welcomed :).

Wenn Du aus Deutschland bist, schreibe mir bitte wie Du (oder Deine Eltern/Großeltern ;)) den Fall der Mauer erlebt hast, danke :).

Please :-):
If you can write in Arabic signs, Chinese,Japanese Hindi,Cyrillic or any others it would be great if you could translate my name (Bettina), thank you!

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