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About Danut...

last update: 03.05.2013

Hi there,

My name is Dan and I love literature, history, and heavy metal. Please take a look at the postcards that I have (here -, before you sending me one.

Behold how looks for me a PERFECT POSTCARD:
● doesn't come in envelope
● was sent from the country of origin
● isn’t multiview
● is "official", i.e. was printed in a printing house, isn't handmade, isn't listed on your own printer
● it has as many stamps is possible
● is specified place and date of dispatch
● the text and the address (if is possible) are handwritten
● on the back are written a few sentences about the picture, about the sender or about what he wants to write
● are written a few words in native language (and alphabet) of the sender

The themes that I like are extensive, but I DON'T WANT TO RECEIVE:
● touchnote
● funny pictures
● pets
● flowers, animals (if it isn’t a postcard with an national parc)
● add postcards
● cartoons
● selfmade postcards
● multiview

● People in traditional clothes
● UNESCO WHS (including tentative)
● special buildings (old or new)
● churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.
● lighthouses, towers, bridges, railway stations, post offices, mills (water or wind)
● palaces and castles
● rural images with specific buildings or specific activities
● volcanoes
● transportation means, but placed in a local context, especially trains and trams
● royalty
● maps, flags
● maxicards (maximum cards) from your country with the same subject above

More about me and my collection you can find on my blog, .

Thanks for your patience.

Have a nice day