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About Jujuan...

It's glad to join this huge global family. My name is Wan, I have lots of interests. You could call me collector, traveler, or marathon runner. I finished my first marathon in 28-year-old. One of my dream is running marathon in 28 countries to commemorative the age. In 2015, I became 100 marathon club member and I will keep running. So far, I have already finished in 15 countries (United Kingdom, Egypt, Germany, Norway, China, Japan, Philippines, Finland, Iceland, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and America). Every month I arrange events in different cities. That's the motivate I would like to exchange postcard with you. I would like to share my feelings during the marathon trip.

Please hand writing something on postcard. No matter funny thing, inspiring story, positive quote, daily life, your dream, or the reason you recommend me to visit your country as a runner, maybe we could have cup of coffee together. In 2016, I met two postcrosser in Japan, we hand out for a dinner. It's such interesting to meet postcrosser in the real world.

It would be lovely if you could something on the card. I'm not good at reading cursive writing. Please kindly beware that. Each type of postcards is fine. But I DO NOT prefer free commercial AD postcards.You could decide put card into envelope or not, for me both is great. As below are my personal wishlist.
-attractions from your country
-comic character
-bakery related,ex: bread, cake, dessert
-gotochi postcard
-Maximum card
-Music related, ex: album cover, band, instrument, vinyl
-Nouvelles Images
-puzzle postcard
-shaped postcard
-sports related

Cheers, Wan