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About Ausra...

Slava Ukraini!
I'm Aušra. My name is Lithuanian, which means dawn/sunrise/daybreak.
I'm 45vy.o., wife, mom of 2 sons. Actually we are from Lithuania, but now we live in North Wales very close to the border by Chester, England from 2016.
I work for a big e-shop company, I like my job in Quality (only start work at 6:00 in the morning is so hard). Before I was a teacher for 16 years in Lithuania.

I love crafts, especially scrapbooking(producing greeting cards),cross stitch, sewing, making linen notebooks, also baking, traveling...

My 20 y.o. son loves to play chess and regularly compete in chess tournaments. If You have card with chess, please dedicate it for my son Domantas Kirklys(then no need a postcard for me, but don't forget write postcard's ID) Thank You :) He is:
He have studies in Lithuania on 2023-2026.
Youngest son(16y.o) play Badminton, if you have card with Badminton, please send it for Kristupas Kirklys. Thanks

I'M NOT INTERESTED in turistic cards, sorry.

♥beautiful X'mas card in X'mas seasson;
♥ snow globe;
♥old russian postcards "с новым годoм", especially Zarubin cards ♥♥♥;
♥anything red with white polka dots, even a small detail ♥♥♥ :)
♥ "Pride & Prejudice", especially movie 2005.
♥love, romance;
♥all about crafts ♥♥♥;
♥market, trade;
♥dancing, skating;
♥mail box, post box, letters;
♥traveling, camping, caravan, picnicking;
♥umbrella, rain;
♥gumboots, shoes;
♥countryside,village things and atribute;
♥watering can, bucket, churn, wheelbarrow;
♥reserves for the winter, full of jars ♥♥♥;
♥kitchen, cookware;
♥narrow streets, way;
♥laundry, washing ♥♥♥;
♥lilac, lavender;
♥fluff/down of dandelion;
♥tea time, food, spices, fruit, berry;
♥books, reading, woman with book;
♥woman with beautiful, puffed dress ;
♥wedding card;
♥pin-up girls;
♥harlequin, jester, but not clown;
♥soap bubbles(but not chewing gum);
♥everything about Titanic;
♥message in a bottle;
♥Royal family;
♥maxicard with the above topics♥♥♥;
♥Charlie Chaplin;
♥Venetian masks / gondolas;
♥Jacky Kho
♥Gubben Pettson;
♥Virpi Pekkala ♥♥♥;
♥Norman Rockwell ♥♥♥;
♥Richard Macneil;♥♥♥;
♥Jean-Baptiste Monge;
♥I.Zenyuk cats ♥♥♥ ;
♥Leonid Afremov;
♥Aleksej Dolotov;
♥Oleg Shuplyak;

Thank You for reading. :)
Aušra :)

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