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About Sal...

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*I swap only with people from my wishlist countries.

*I'll send you a free postcard from UAE if you help me find someone willing to swap with me from my wishlist countries.

please contact me at you will find my wishlist countries listed there too. :)
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Hello ❤ مرحبا ❤ Hallo ❤ Hei ❤ kiitos ❤ Witam ❤ Привет ❤ 你好 ❤ Bonjour ❤ こんにちは ❤ Hola ❤ Sveiki ❤ สวัสดี ❤ Ciao ❤ 여보세요

Dear Humans!

wish you All a happy life!

1) What kind of postcard do i like?
i like UNESCO or any real postcard coming from you :-), surprise me if you can!

2) What to write in the postcard?
Write "Have a great happy healthy life" in your first language.

add/follow me please...


*My goal is to have stamped written postcard from every country in the world.

I have stamped written postcard from more than 123 country! (l0oking for more)
You can view my collection at my site

thank you ★ Danke ★ شكرا ★ kiitos ★ dziękuję ★ Спасибо ★ 谢谢 ★ merci ★ ありがとう ★ gracias ★ ačiū ★ คุณขอบคุณ ★ grazie ★ aitäh ★ 감사합니다

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