arsmoriendi, Philippines

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About Sarah...

Hi, I am Sarah, I live in the pearl of the orient, or simply Philippines. I've always liked the former, it sounds exciting. I joined postcrossing, to grab this opportunity to learn and explore the different culture and heritage in different countries and at the same time, to share pieces of my thoughts through sending post cards.

I've been interested in art since I was young, I find peace and joy painting in aquarelle, reading literature while listening to folk music, and cold rainy days. I also like photography and film. My favourite animal is a deer because I've always been fascinated by their beauty and gentleness.

Postcards that I'd love:
-ART, paintings by vangogh, or your local artists
-watercolor paintings
-the galaxy, cosmic dust, aurora borealis
-Deer postcards
-Snow (since I've never really seen one in person)
-places from your country

What to write:
I like to know about your country, its history, your language, what's your favourite literature or book, movies, food, you can even tell me what's your favourite cuisine and its recipe. I'd really love that. Or just anything about you really. Tell me something about yourself.


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