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I am a 30 something engineer and love anything that has to do with snailmail ... I love travelling, sport, art, music etc. and just being generally active yet at the same time I relish in the tranquility of my home town Stellenbosch. Did the deco thing for a while but just do not have that much time any more.

I would love to receive postcards from all over the world, preferably ones with pictures of your town or something unique to your country. Also, feel free to send me cards of the anywhere you have been to, especially if it means something to you. Black and white postcards are particularly welcome and if you live in The Netherlands (or elsewhere) and have Art Unlimited postcards ... I love them. I am also interested in postcards with a story ... or one you found and you have no idea where it came from :-) But any postcard will do. I know it is not always easy to get all different types of cards in all corners of the world. If you do not know what to tell me ... just tell me the most odd thing that happened to you the last week ... and if possible, please date your cards :-)

If possible, I prefer postcards written full in your own handwriting, stamped and not in an envelope. I like postcards with stamps on them :-) If you really have an urge to put the postcard in an envelope, then please do not write on the card. Thanks :-)

PLEASE NOTE: No Private Swaps !!! Requests for private swaps will be ignored.

Expired cards:
ZA-6554 : To guan1987, China - mailed 1 June 2009
ZA-11086: To benja, Spain - mailed 5 May 2010
ZA-12395: To creamaria, Sweden - mailed 20 July 2010
ZA-12780: To zhengrongxiao, China - mailed 11 August 2010
ZA-13005: To k2kom, Russia - mailed 23 August 2010
ZA-15701: To ZN, Ukraine - mailed 2 February 2011
ZA-16312: To Cathie_sasa, Hong Kong - mailed 19 March 2011
ZA-19651: To Wsu0505, China - mailed 11 October 2011
ZA-21530: To karml, USA - mailed 18 January 2012
ZA-21534: To Kinga1504, Poland - mailed 18 January 2012
ZA-22824: To monnik76, Netherlands - mailed 17 March 2012
ZA-23034: To Moraine, Turkey - mailed 28 March 2012

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