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About April...

(Updated as of Aug 2018)

I live in Lewisville, Texas, about 20 miles north of Dallas. I have four cats named Cody, Karin, Ezio and Smudge.

I am a Medical Technologist in a hospital laboratory. I am the person who does all the testing on patient samples. It's great fun and so very interesting!

things I love:

-bright colors
-video games
-books and reading
-rock, classic rock and heavy metal music
-learning new things
-soup, sauces, gravy!
-love! romance, romantic things
-beer, particularly darker beers
-taking pictures

things I hate:
-lizards (phobia)
-lima beans (gross)

I was born in Florida, near the beach. I sunburn really easily.

Not much offends me. I love to laugh and appreciate humor in postcards. Any card you send me will be valued, because it is also what you share with me that makes it extra special. I appreciate a personal handwritten and stamped card so much.

If you need ideas on what to write, you can tell me:

- Do you have a pet? What is it's name?
- Tell me about love: your first love, your last love, the love you lost, or the love you found, what you love about your partner.
-If you could hug one person, living or dead, who would it be, and why that person?
-You are on a deserted island. You can bring one person and one item. Who/what are they?
-What is your opinion of tattoos? Do you have any, do you want any, do you regret any?

I look forward to hearing from you!
April :)

2017: Poland 1, Russia 1, Germany 1
2016: USA 1, China 1, Taiwan 1, Russia 1
2015: China 2, Netherlands 1, Ukraine 1, Australia 1
2014: Philippines 1, Finland 1, India 1, Indonesia 1, South Africa 1
2013: China 2, Netherlands 1, United Kingdom 1, Lithuania 1, South Africa 1, Czech Republic 1
2012: Netherlands 1, Ukraine 1, Belarus 1, Taiwan 1, Germany 1