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About Anne...

My name is Anne and I am asking for your help! My friend is getting married next summer and I will be the maid of honour so it’s my job to think of games to play in wedding! If you know any, please share them with me!

I would love if you wrote something to card about you or your day or just anything that comes into your mind, just its a bit boring if you just wish me happy postcrossing to be honest =) I'm starting to be huge fan of stickers, masking tape and cute stamps! Also I got few cards with drawings and I absolutely love them so feel free to use your artistic side!! Surprise me and I will do the same to someone else or to you^^

Things I am into right now:
Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit
Polaroid pics
Game of Thrones
Studio Ghibli (Howl's moving castle is my fav, but I like them all a lot!)
Hunger games
Big Bang Theory
Outlander TV show
Movie cards
Spice Girls
Greetings from...(from postallove, already got: UK, Poland,Germany, Netherlands, Shanghai, Tula, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Russia, China, France)
Disney (specially Little mermaid, Moana, and all the Pixar movies)

Things I'm not so into:
City views
Landscape pics (except Scotland💕)

You can also check my wall of fav's for inspiration =) I love everything cute and pretty!

To know more about my life and personality you can check my instagram annefromfinland =)

If you have sent me a card and it is about to expire, send me email about it and I will register it anyways =)

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