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About Anita...

Hi :) I'm 27 years old. I'm interested in economy, and broadly understood infrastructure, investments and architecture.

I work as Accountant and I am happy married and mother of wonderful daughter, her name is Kamila and she is 4,5 years old :) She loves postcards, and you can send something for her.

My daughter loves:
- disney princesses, especially: Elsa ('Frozen"), Rapunzel ("Tangled"), Cinderella, Belle

I love:
-single views
-colourful postcards, especially landscapes , for example:

-old tenements, especially frontages of several tenements
for example :
- mountains, volcanoes, sea, lakes etc
- climatic alleys
- cities by night
- elements of architecture: doors,windows,facades
- skyscrapers
- long messages

You can write me something what you know about Poland :)

But it's only suggestion.
Any card will be welcome :)

Please write something short in your native language or something special for my daughter-she loves look at colourful postcards.

P.S I don't like handmade or ad cards :)
Please don't use envelope.

***** Users from GERMANY:
I would love to get postcards from the Harenberg Postcard Calendar.
For example:

Postcards for swap:

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