andjelaa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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About Anđela...

Hello :))
My name is Anđela, which means angel or guardian of human souls.
I live in a small town in Bosnia.
My desire is to travel around the world and get to know other countries and ways of life in them, so I hope that with this "new hobby" I will at least contribute a little to that.
And a few more things about me ... I love old buildings and architecture with a lot of details, the architecture of Romanticism and the Renaissance and from Austria-Hungary. Also, I like to get to know the culture of other peoples and places that are not so well known but hide some interesting story.
I am a fan of natural landscapes and flowers, and my great love is sunflowers 🌻. I am a person who enjoys sunrises and even more sunsets, and I also love the rain. I hope you have met me at least a little, but that they are also your acquaintances.

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