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anastasiapq, Hong Kong


(or Anastasia) is a member in Hong Kong . She has been a member for over 5 years (1,873 days).
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  • Languages: Cantonese, English, Chinese
  • Birthday: 6th March 1992 (25 years old)
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About Anastasia...

I dont judge a book by its cover. There is nothing worse than receiving a blank postcard ;-( Please write me something about you at least.


- museum
- film & film star,promotional poster(mini-size poster)
- drama series (esp:game of thrones)
- football (esp: Chelsea, Petr Cech!or any team)
- space
- marine
- all creature/all kinds of animals (yes,ALL!, esp :meerkat ,guinea pig,otter,rabbit,lamb,sloth,capybara,koala bear,butterfly)
- art
- poem/poet/literature(u can introduce me your favorite poem/poet/book )
- university campus in your country
- cartoons (fans of disney)
-birthday-cards /card releted in NO.24(my age) are welcomed in March ;-)
- 3D card
- ancient civilization
- royal family in your country
- castle
- perfume!!! u can apply some on the postcard
- UNESCO world heritage sites
-any non paper-made postcards

you may also refer to my facebook,and yes,there's no privacy on Internet.;0D

NOTE: those are just my suggestion on some specify items.i am not as picky as you think ;-) Reading on your writing is enjoyable. A nice card's cover is just a bonus . ;-)

suggestion for the ppl who live in the country listed below:

Russia: i love Fabergé egg (Russian: Яйца Фаберже́; yaytsa faberzhe) + Russian Monarchs+royal family -esp: Grand Duchess Anastasia
**I am planning a trip to russia. I need some travel tips from you;-)
Poland : I love Wisława Szymborska
Czech : I love Petr Cech!
USA: I love Disney!
US: British literature + football(chelsea)