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About Amber...

Hello there!

We (daughter Amber & mother Marleen) share this account, so we can both enjoy sending & receiving postcards...
Our family lives in a small town at the coast of Holland, together with a British longhair cat, a canary and a small diamond-pigeon, some fishes, frogs and salamanders in our pond. Our bearded dragon just passed away a few days back....

We appriciate -ofcourse- all postcards..... can't wait to be surprised by what we receive from all over the world; love the concept!

BUT... you can really make us happy!! with one of the following cards :

* FROG(S)...! (to supplement our frogcollection) (and please write 'frog' in your language)
* KINGFISHER(S)...! (same as the frogs)
* Hummingbirds and dragonflies...! (still not received one yet, would be nice though...)
* other Japanese or Chinese paintings, watercolors
* art in general, especially photography
* Jugendstil/Art Nouveau, Art Deco
* unusual growing trees (like bonsai)
* aurora borealis (northern lights)
* unusual, very weird-looking people ;-}

Some inspiration for making the card you send personal:

We love to read something about yourself, if you like: just pick one of these themes:
- your most precious childhood memory (a play, a scent, visiting your grandparents, a noise or melody, your first real friend...),
- the person you consider the most inspiring for you and why,
- your favorite instrument / flower / weather / car / gemstone / color / garment etc.... and why
- your passions, dreams or goal in life.

If you like/dare: please (try to) draw a simple, little selfportrait on the back of the card! Note: ofcourse you don't have to be an artist to make a drawing, so every attempt will be fine...

It would be nice when you use a special stamp, we will do the same on our cards when we read a request in your profile...

And please write the name of your hometown & date on your card, thank you!

Enjoy thís day especially!

Amber & Marleen

Expired cards:
NL-1196266 to GraceLu, Taiwan
NL-116842? to st-maria1987, Russia
NL-1298897 to Ulyashka, Russia
NL-1518117 to willyAJ, Taiwan
NL-1830639 to cinamore, China
NL-1855975 to stutiyjain, India
NL-2498787 to asdqz1346, Taiwan
NL-2324056 to Badi-Ba, Belarus
NL-4161741 to Moeli, Germany
NL-4161742 to Ludovic-67, Russia

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