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About Nanxue...

Hi I'm Aliessia
Because of the accident. I moved to another address. So somecard might be lost on the way. Please send me a message with the ID. I'll register them^_^.
And I have already updated my address in postcrossing. So if you get my address after Feb. 27, that's my current address.

Something really crazy happened . A suv crashed into to my living room.
I got pined between the coffee table and the dinning table. But luckily I just got some bad bruises and a few stitches. No broken bone! But
That will keep me away from PC for a little bit.

I'm now living in Kansas,USA. But I was born and raised in China. Chinese culture influences me a lot. I collect Chinese traditioanl costumes and wear them too. My Avatar is showing that:) I'm very happy to tell people around me about what I wear and more than happy to tell people things about China.

I just finished medical school. Wanna be a great surgeon in the future :) And I'm intereted in history and culture. I also like handcrafts a lot.

I'm always happy to make some DIRECT SWAP. Besides the postcards I also have a collection of stamps, maxicards,F.D.C that can swap with you. If you are interested please send me a message. Or you can write me an email (

And I'm also collecting lighthouse cards to make a gift for my father in law^_^ So if you have any lighthouse card, please send it unwritten to me in an envelope. Thanks a lot^_^

I'm looking forward to receive any cards, and I'll be extremely happy to get these cards:
-maximum cards. If you would like to send me that, plz send it in a envelope an let me know. I'll be really appreciate! Thx a lot!!! And I will send another MC to you.
- rabbits(cuz i was born in the rabbit year of china)
- the buildings in your country especially the old ones. UNESCO would be perfect
- people in traditional costume.
- Michel Jackson, king of pop!
- About my major, medcine or surgen would be the best.

Write me something about yourself (the things you like, what are you doing and your dream). or a little story you'd like to share with me. OR, you can just tell me a little secret^_^
And i'd like to learn a sentence in your language with the help of the english translation.

Happy writing.

And excuse me for not uploading pictures of the cards I recieved. (because I only scan the cards I send when I got them.) So if you want the card you sent shown on the wall, please upload the picture before you send them. Thank you.