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About Aldana...

Hola, hello, salut! Good to see you! I'm Aldana, I have the pleasure to live in the wonderful, wonderful latin america: you can mostly find me somewhere in Argentina (in my home, for example). I am a lover of the arts, from music to visual arts to poetry to photography and beyond. Other interests i have are pop culture (specially from the 90s and early 2000s since they remind me of my childhood, but i cant decide just one favorite decade...), colors, languages in general (i really like learning vocabulary and grammar from foreign languages - yes, i'm a nerd), crafts and handmade stuff!

My love for cultures has motivated me to try to collect postcards, stickers, stamps, pictures and other memorabilla. I really enjoy getting to know someones culture from the music they listen on the daily, their history, their language, their art, their folk culture... since good postcards are kinda hard to find where i live, i enjoy making mine myself (although i try my best to avoid it when the receiver doesn't like them), and i try to make them reflect a little piece of common Argentinian culture.

It should go without saying that anything you send will be happily received! I would only ask you to send me something you'd love to receive. In practice, i have seen that international mail arrives to me 2 to 3 months after being posted - take it as a fun fact. A little suggestion i can give: postcards tend to arrive to my home in better condition when they come in envelopes, but with or without them, they have always arrived, and i have loved them all!

If you're still unsure and need me to give you some ideas on what kind of postcards to send to me, i can give you a little list:
- characters, bonus points if they're cute (i. e. Totoro, Moomin, Snoopy, characters from comics or even cartoons)
- music related (anything goes! from your local folk to opera to instruments to your country's most known musician...)
- flora and fauna from your country, or a common tradition (think clothing, food, something you do that you feel represents your country very well)
- pictures are welcome - specially if it was taken on film! (you might want to send me your picture in an envelope, since the trip is kinda rough)

I hope you receive lots of love - and if it comes in the shape of postcards, even better!

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