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About Tzu-Fang...

Hi !
I'm Tzu-Fang from Taiwan. My hobbies are reading and collecting toys.
I love traveling as well. I had been to Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, Belgium, Holland, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong. In these countries, UK is my favorite country! If you had been to other countries, what is your favorite country? and why? Please tell me...:-)

Please don't send me view, AD or handmade cards. But pretty handmade cards are welcome!


By the way, I'm also open for private swap and always looking for these themes:
.Uncle Cat from Korea
.Karel Capek 山田詩子
.Cat by Okabe Tetsuro
.Lali Riddle
.Cartes D'Art
.Dick Bruna (Miffy)
.Chibi Maruko Chan
.Edition Gollong
.Edition de Mai
.Nouvelles Images
.Jip and Janneke
.Turnowsky's Art
.Roger la Borde
.Pippi Longstocking (Only illustration)
.Town Musicians of Bremen
.Die Sendung mit der Maus
.Lennart Helje, Eva Melhuish or Harald Wiberg

*E-mail: akiyukeke@gmail.com

Happy Postcrossing!

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