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About Valerie...

Hello I am Valerie, in my 30's ;) Living in a city nearby Utrecht in the Netherlands.
I have two cats, a white with black named: Guus and Ive a black cat called: Pogba.

I studied for watchmaker, Watches and Clocks are my passion.
I am also a gamer, almost every day I go online on my Xbox :D

I love thriller movies/ series like: Peppermint, the Brave one, Flightplan, Dont breathe, Panicroom. Or movies/ series with other timeframes/ dimensions like: Fringe, Looper, Dark, the Lakehouse, the Butterfly effect

When I was little, we going every year to Spain, thats why I love the culture, the country, the food and the language. So.. If you from this amazing country, send me something thats typical Spanish. Everything is welcome
BTW I love Argentina and Mexico too. The Spanish language is just amazing :D

Im Dutch and a part Indonesian / Papua New Guinea. My father is from the Netherlands, my grandmom from Indonesia and my mother born in Papua New Guinea. In the past that was a part of the Netherlands.
I love the culture of Indonesia, so if you from Indonesia or Papua New Guinea, I love to see the view from the country where my mom comes from <3 But every topic of this country is welcome :D
I love the legendary, mythical bird of Indonesia: Garuda.

Below is a wishlist. My favorites list is a wishlist too. So if you dont know what to send, take a look in my favorites/ wishlist.

If you dont know what to write, you can draw something or make it amazing with only stickers or washitape, thats make me smile

- Queen Máxima
- Watchmaking
- Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
- Laternpress
- Cards from: Super Awesome
- New Yorker
- California LA, New York, Texas San Antonio
- Penguin book - Science Fiction
- Mingface cards
- Darkness
- Steampunk/ Dieselpunk or Cyberpunk
- Old/ vintage edited keys or (key) locks
- Ladybird
- Titanic (movie or the real one)
- Vogue
- Creepy Halloween cards, all year long
- Woman soccer, the Olympics
- Tombraider/ Lara Croft, GTA 5 - XBOX one/ series
- Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Medici, Anatomy of the human body
- Anatomy of animals, frogs, birds
- Advertisements (vintage)
- Cemeteries/ Tombs/ Graveyards
- Ghost towns & Abandoned places
- Gustave Doré, Dolf Zwerver
- Cats, ducks, jellyfish, whales, swans, octopus, Bees

++ No inspiration? Look at my wish/ favorites list ++

Please write the date on your postcard :) And the weather/ degrees of that day

Please only real stamps, thank you! <3

Happy Postcrossing

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